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Jeweler Spotlight: Ina Beissner

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of Vogue Magazine’s favorite on-the-rise jewelry designers, Ina Beissner, at the Shangri-La Hotel during Paris Fashion Week. Ina is a true innovator in the jewelry industry, who strives to connect to her Dominican & German roots by creating pieces that marry the simplistic minimalism of European styles & the spirit of Latin styles.

The stunning Ina Beissner herself!

The morning we met had been a hectic day for both of us. When we finally sat down at the hotel restaurant, we were both excited to relax while looking through all of her remarkable designs.

I was instantly impressed by Ina’s creativity and talent, but also by how humble she is. Ina’s jewelry immediately struck me as unique, and incredibly well-made. All of the pieces have substantial weight, and are solid, not hollow, but absolutely weightless while being worn, which my sensitive ears appreciate! But the best part was how truly showstopping her designs are when worn, considering their simplicity. Sometimes less really is more. Her pieces speak for themselves in every way. They beg you to look more intensely at their careful design while their shape augments the wearer’s facial features. I felt so lucky and honored beyond measure that she entrusted me to try on a few of her favorite pieces!

This particular earring is perfect for someone that doesn’t have pierced ears as the earring is put on the ear by sliding it from the helix to the lower lobe where it hangs securely and gracefully on the ear.

Ina Beissner; the woman and the artist made such a wonderful impression that I could not stop thinking about her pieces – I even accidentally left our meeting still wearing her fabulous Chikka earring on my right ear! I subsequently started collecting Ina Beissner Jewelry the very next day.

Check out Ina’s website, stay up to date on all her latest designs on her Instagram, and keep an eye out for Ina Beissner’s beautiful Chikka stack on my left ear below 😉

Wearing the medium & large Chikka

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